Monday, June 08, 2009

Protozoa Necklace

Like I promised, here come the finished necklaces.
'Protozoa' - glass beads, sterling silver wire and peridot chips.

Little Miss June is being a real sneaky little bitch. She is very busy pretending to be old lady October. If you come to see me be sure and bring a sweater.


Elizabeth Waller said...

breath taking!

lotusgreen said...

agreed--that necklace is stunning.

now please explain something to me: i seem to recall saying somewhere that these beads looked like cells dividing, then i see that you said that in your own post.

am i having a senior moment?

belvedere beads said...

yes, exactly, you inspired the name.
no senior moment for you, rather a muse moment, amused?

lotusgreen said...

i must muster a moment's memories.... indeed! most measured amusement!

ozjane said...

Yep stunning. Love love love.