Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's a bit slow and oddly pedantic at the beginning but the end is amazing.

Are you sick of new bracelets yet? You better not be - there are a lot more.
Flock bracelet.
Hammered sterling links, freshwater pearls, glass, labradorite and garnets.
Yesterday morning it was a long necklace that always seemed a bit awkward. Today, with a bit of reworking, it's now a three stranded bracelet.
The bird beads each have black centers rolled in raku frit and then encased in pale, pale transparent gray.

For father's day the three of us went out for BBQ. The restaurant was packed - Dads were flocking to Sticky Lips for roasted meats. We were surprised to learn that it's their busiest day of the year. Affirming my suspicion that "men love meat."

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