Monday, June 08, 2009

pink peony

Peonies are my favorite flowers.

I chatted with a peony hater this weekend.
She's a lovely woman who had her husband drive her's into the ground by running over them, over and over, with his car. Can you imagine? I let is slide because she is so charming. She explained it really isn't about the poor peonies, but rather it's about hating the ants that love peonies as much as I do. Sigh.
Since it is the height of peony season I thought I would drag out this old painting and show it to you. It's one of my long, lost favorites. It sold through a gallery and I never found out where it went.
Pink Peonies 2 - oil on canvas - 34" 40"

This is it - I have to complete all my pieces for the trunk show this week.
I hope there will be post after blog post of new pieces day after day as the week rolls productively along. Stay tuned for an orgy of new necklaces.

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