Friday, May 01, 2015

Monster Berry Earrings

Wee tin strawberries, cut from an old candy box, on the front of the earrings.
Little brass bees hanging on the back behind the berries.
Because earrings should look as good from the back as from the front, duh.
The beads are kind of boring and the bead caps are salvaged vintage. 

Did you know all the old Toho studios monster movies are on Netflix?
Godzilla! Rodan! Mothra! Ghidorah!

You can't beat the 'Supreme Commander' from Monster Zero for fashionable companionship while you're making earrings. He's very crafty.

Now that's typography!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Friday Night Fever

Just another Friday night.
Making skull earrings...

...and watching Mothra on Netflix.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Leaf and Berry Earrings

Hey ladies!
I whipped up a few new pairs of spring earrings.

I call this style 'leaf and berry' and I make loads of them.
They're simple to make and easy to wear.
Pawing through my bead stash for a perfect pairing of leaves and berries is great fun.

I like to wear this handmade style of sterling ear wire.
Other people prefer leverbacks, so I always make them both ways.

Sometimes I add in some extra bits, like these little tribal brass bells that look like seeds.

Monday, April 27, 2015

A New Garden Bracelet - From Beginning to End

This bracelet started with a scrappity clipping from a magazine.
I think it was a Martha Stewart living that I picked up at a garage sale last summer.

Then came figuring out how I was going to shape off mandrel rose petals.
These are Cim's 'desert pink' with 104 white frit. 

I really like this single bead. 
It has petals of transparent gray over a core bead of Effetre 'pastel violet' with Val Cox 'purple rose' frit.

Above are all the glassy bits ready to assemble.
The little off mandrel leaves are transparent gray with Val Cox 'hi ho silver' frit.
The round ones are plain old Effetre 'white.'

I laid it out several different way before starting to cut and hammer the sterling.
Lately, I like things that are no where near symmetrical.

Besides my glass beads and lots of sterling silver, this bracelet has big juicy chunks of rough cut amethyst, faceted labradorite rondelles and some tiny green freshwater pearls.

Here's a good look at the pink petal end of the bracelet...

...and the amethyst end of the bracelet.

I love making my own clasps.
Commercial ones were never quite right for these big garden bracelets.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Clowning Around or Cheap Cheep

One of our local public art spaces is called the 'Rochester Contemporary' or RoCo for short.

Each year their main fundraiser is an event called 6x6.

Artists from all over the world donate thousands of 6" x 6" works that are sold for $20 a piece.
It's insane fun.

So this very well turned out woman sashays into my studio during a public event and asks if I am going to make more birds for 6x6. She tells me loudly, to impress the room, that she got one a few years ago on opening night and would like to get another one "on the cheap."

I knew instantly I would NOT be making more birds for RoCo this year.

Here are my 6x6 paintings for this year - come and get 'em lady.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Springtime Bracelet

Start with all of this.
Blue ribbed donuts, translucent yellow headpins and a mess transparent green leaves.

End up with this.

I am now making tags for all my big necklaces and bracelets.
It's like signing a painting.

The blue beads are Effetre 'intense blue transparent' with Val Cox 'African Violet' frit.
The yellow headpins are Vetrofond 'yellow transparent odd.' One of my most favorite colors.
And the leaves are all three shades Effetre of 'grass green transparent' (light, medium and dark).

The clasp components are sterling silver and the rest of the links and headpins are brass.

It really catches the light and moves nicely on the wrist.

Hello Spring! So glad you are finally here.

Friday, April 03, 2015


Can't stop making eggs!
So much frit, so little time...

Oops, there's one lone 'full moon' in there.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's a Spring Thing

Wee glass Easter Egg pendants.

Broke out all the Val Cox frits for these little guys:
Haiku, Cashmere White, Golden Brown, Peony, Purple Rose, Raku, Enchanted...
Each egg was made on the end of a 3/32" mandrel.

Some have fancy end caps that I made.
Some just have a bail.
Both ways are put together with 2-part epoxy.

They're all for sale at Let's Bead.

They were so much fun to make - and decorate.
I did not use a graphite, or brass, shaping tool.
Just spot heating and gravity to make their eggy shapes.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Lentil Pendants

Guess who got a new lentil press?

A new style of 'end of the mandrel' pendant.

These are fun to make.
And on these first practice ones I just used up bench scraps of glass and a few funky murrini.
Each one is about 1 1/4" wide.

In case you're wondering, I glue my bails in with 2-part epoxy.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Heart Pendents

Lotsa new heart pendants that were made on the end of the mandrel.

It's been 'wrap every bead in silver foil' week.
Isn't it weird how you get on jags like that?

I also made some murrini this week.
Little spring flowers.
It cannot come soon enough, it's snowing here in upstate New York today.

By reaching way back into my lampwork repertoire I torched a heart with wings.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Leaf & Berry

One of my favorite earring designs, I call it 'leaf & berry.'

The pair above has ridged berries made of Opalino Carnelian glass and leaves made of Vetrofond Cosmic Storm ODD Special glass. I have just a little bit of Opalino Carnelian glass still in my stash, I wonder if this beautiful glass is ever going to be available again?

This pair has berries of clear glass with Val Cox's 'High Ho Silver' frit and leaves of clear with Val Cox's 'African Violets' frit.

It is a simple enough design. One small pair of berries and one pair of small off mandrel leaves.
The variations are endless and they are effortless to wear.
I try to always have at least a half a dozen pairs in my show inventory.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dripping With Pearls

Can something be overly decorative and "organic?"
Of course.

New earrings with my glass beads and hand painted ceramic bead caps.
Also used some rhinestone rondelles, vintage chain and rice pearls.
The leverback earwires are sterling silver.

That's a lot of earring.
Not my usual 'keep it simple' style but they were a blast to make.