Sunday, April 30, 2006

ebay bead virgin

while i am certainly no ebay virgin...
it is with great skepitism and low expectations, that i am attempting to auction some of my beads on ebay.

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click here to see the auction
it took a lot of time and patience to design the layout and create html for the template.

(no i don't know how to write code)
i write code like pepe le pew speaks french.

Friday, April 28, 2006

for now, a cupcake.

it was a long and blissful session with the torch...

every mandrel i had dipped and dried got used- always the sign of a good go'round with the flame.

all the new forsythia beads are soaking and waiting to be reamed.
they are much more defined than the first set, new tweezers did the trick, sorry no new photos yet.

in the meantime, a snack!

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this image come from a favorite blog of mine called
"All Cupcakes All the Time."
if you look in my side bar you will find a link to them in my linky-doos list.

aren't the colors great!
a sweet combo for a set of summer beads.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

forsythia beads

"Forsythia is pure joy. There is not an ounce, not a glimmer of sadness or even knowledge in forsythia. Pure, undiluted, untouched joy."
- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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the forsythia is bustin' out all over.

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my favorite color of glass is bright translucent yellow.
transparent uranium yellow makes me week at the knees.
we have a pantry shelf full of vases this color, no yardsale is safe from my need for acid yellow glass.

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i plucked some flowers from the back yard, did some sketching and headed over to 'More Fire' with a plan.

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i used:

translucent yellow (morette effetre odd lot #401), pea green (#212) and clear.

starting with a clear oval bead, i then added the petals and finally the stem wrap. simple enough.

i really need to find some tweezers without serated tips - I am losing to much defination when i melt out the ridge marks.

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loving the open center/twisted tip hearts.

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when i plonked the buds into the can'o'vermiculite every stinkin' one of them was too hot and bent sideways.

i anticipate that the second set of forsythia beads will be much better, but i am still loving these.