Friday, January 22, 2010

Glass Stash

I've been bad - very, very bad.
Two big glass orders in as many weeks.
My stash is bursting, but it is in perfect order. So there.
Where do you get your glass?
I get mine from the most wonderful vendors - Donelle & Bill Thornton of Moretti & More.

Their service is incredible, their shipping fast and cheap, and you can buy by the single rod if you just want to give something a try before you lay in a big bundle of a color. Oh, and their website is easy to use for ordering or they love to talk on the phone in case you would rather do your ordering with a live, pleasant, fun person.

I placed my last order on Sunday night, and the glass was here early Wednesday morning. How is that even possible when I live in NY and they're in Washington state and Monday was a federal holiday?
s.a.b.l.e. stands for stash amassed beyond life expectancy.
My stash is certainly not that large but still respectable.

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