Friday, May 22, 2009

Snowdrops - in progress

This painting has been nothing but trouble. I have been working on it, on and off (mostly off) for well over a year. Today I declared it complete.

Step one, silver under painting.

A little further along.

More greens.

Nearly finished, but I moved the studio and lost the painting.

Finally located and set on an easel in the new studio, but still I mostly ignored it.

Somewhat anticlimactically, I finished it this afternoon. Tomorrow I plan to post pictures of the finished painting. I tried to photograph the shiny painting twice today, with no success. The metallic silver under painting is so reflective that it just reads as white and the white snowdrop flowers are constantly over-exposed. Very tiresome, I wish I knew more technical stuff about photography.

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one-eared pig said...

Looks beautiful!