Monday, May 04, 2009

a beautiful spring

we've got big blue skies and all the trees are in full blossom - it's delightful.
these are beads that i traded for at the bead bazaar.
left to right, two porcelain beads by nancy valle, an underwater bead by lauralee hafner, two beauties by anne lichtenstein, a floral cylinder by toby burke and a silver dotted organic bead by betty casey. some loot, eh?
a close up of just one of the thousands of flowers on the tree in the top picture.


Steph said...

Spring is beautiful here too!
The beads you trade are gorgeous!
Love the hat and the new necklace !

Gardanne said...

Thanks Lucinda.
Your felt beads are on my jewelry table patiently waiting for me to make some lampwork beads they can cozy up to.
I enjoyed the bead show, it is always great to see everyone again. Hopefully we can do it again sometime.