Saturday, May 02, 2009

lilac necklace

yesterday morning was spent pounding together a new necklace.
20 gauge sterling silver, peridot chips and flamework lilac beads.
i am liking making my own primitive, wrapped and hammered wire clasps. they seem to work with the jewelry so much better than commercial clasps.
a close-up of a leaf with it's little peridot end caps and hammered sterling links.

i tried to recreate, in glass, every color that lilacs blossom in.
the necklace was wrapped up and delivered to the museum shop yesterday.

thanks to everyone who came to the bead bazaar at more fire glass last night!
selling my little blobs of glass was fun but the best part was trading beads with the other bead ladies at the end of the evening - i love all my new beads.


one-eared pig said...

very pretty!

ozjane said...

Those are glorious.....but they remind me of sweet peas.
Maybe it is too long since I have seen lilac.
There was a bush in the front when we came and I think I over pruned it or did something mean and nasty. I am actually a good gardener so it worries me when something exits this world. I think it got so scrappy that I helped it..........long time ago. However as blog pics show I am getting a new road....not needed at all, a not want a footpath, then I will probably need a fence and after replacing 3 I thought I was done for this lifetime, however......if I put a fence in I can have a garden bed where we do not get enough water for lawns which we are not allowed to water but can water garden beds, so am thinking of planting one or maybe two lilacs and a prunus or two.
Anyway I just adore those colors.