Thursday, May 14, 2009

Glass Dandelions

It is time for my yearly rant about dandelions.
Why are they so maligned? I think they are beautiful and I cannot imagine poisoning them, my lawn, my poodles and my family in order to exterminate them - it's insanity.

Here's the start of a set of lampwork dandelion beads.
What other plant makes such an extraordinarily fun seed pod?
The yellow tipped glass leaves were the most fun to make. I started with a basic lentil shape and pulled and pushed the squishy hot glass with tweezers until it resembled a deeply cut leaf.
I used a blend of hand pulled emerald and straw yellow for the leaves, the blossoms are a cored odd lot yellow.
Dandelions are so lovely, like little suns, that I imagine if they were hard to grow that people would cultivate them in their gardens.

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Janet Thayer Williams said...

I also love dandelions. They are poetry. Now they are also glass beads. Genius... By the way, do you know that Da Vinci considered himself a "wayward fusspot" of sorts, and that his deathbed words were "...should have spent more time painting..."