Friday, February 13, 2009

mitten munching monster

i finally got around to knitting a second pair of the red and white mushroom inspired fingerless gloves - this pair was for me. alas, i only wore them once before one was destroyed.
meet abilene.
a nine month old weimaraner puppy. seen here with the things she's supposed to be chawing on.
i was over at my friend margaret's house, not to be confused with my daughter margaret or my mother margaret, for wednesday crafting day. she was quilting and i was wiring a new overly decorative bracelet when miss abby went into my bag and took a mitten. the cuffs were homespun and must have had a deliciously 'sheepy' tang.
unfortunately i do not have enough of the red to knit another one - so i will send the orphaned mitt to daughter margaret who lives to wear mismatched gloves and socks.
do i knit another pair?
it's already mid february... how much winter could there be left?
got any more of those scrumptious mittens?

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Steph said...

kAwwwwwww ! Abby has such an innocent look though!