Thursday, February 19, 2009

swamp hollow

a very large hollow bead.
it is part of a set of swamp inspired beads.
i used lots of different colors of transparent glass in these beads - but primarily kelp, light gray and light topaz. i also used a vetrofond oddlot color called swamp moss. each little piece of glass also has a sprinkling of raku frit and intense black wrapped trails.
a couple of the lentil shaped beads even have 'frog eggs' on them.


Steph said...

Gorgeous! Now, I'm not a glass artist but I'm plain curious ... How did you make it? Is it fragile?
Any sign of my revenge yet? ;)

belvedere beads said...

no, it is not particularly fragile. you wind the molten glass just like you would make a coiled pinch pot out of clay. revenge?