Saturday, February 21, 2009

sweet revenge

it's weird how you meet people through their blogs.
i was immediately drawn to the blog vLaDtHeBaT's aTTiC because steph has a pet chicken - i knew from her art, her patterns of speech, her photos and her lovely jewelry that we were moving in the same orbits. never mind she's in belgium.
i sent her a birthday gift - and she replied "revenge is on it's way."
look what arrived in today's mail - she sent me a present back.
the package has a drawing of 'cocotte' on the back.

inside there were trinkets for jewelry, a small package for miss margaret and some sweet soap.

and there was this, a magnificent necklace that she made.
i am pretty sure that is not my birthday - but it is the middle of wretched february so i will accept all the joy that arrives in my mailbox.
isn't it gorgeous?
i adore all the amulets and gathered bits of treasure she's put to work on it.
thank you so much for my not-birthday gifts.

1 comment:

Steph said...

A pretty bad drawing of Cocotte I reckon... never mind, I still owe you a picture of her ! Glad you enjoyed the revenge !