Sunday, February 08, 2009

lucinda the little donkey

'"but," said mr. pinkney, "lucinda is a very contrary little donkey, too. when i want to go to the left, she goes to the right! when i say stop, she pretends she doesn't hear me. and when i put her in her bed in the barn at night, she gets right out again as soon as i am gone. oh, there's no doubt about it, lucinda is a contrary, stubborn little donkey!"

by irma wild, illustrated by george wilde, published 1952


Steph said...

What a find!

cindybeads said...

Cosmic! I used to have this book, TOO! Amazing that we have not met already....lampwork beadmakers, Lucindas and lovers of bird nests, just to name a few things we have in common!

Lucinda (Cindy) Brown