Sunday, October 12, 2008

rose petal hat

i've been knitting stupid hats again.
now that i have sold a few of them - there is no stopping me.
i thrifted a bag of silk rose petals. all i did was cut a small hole in each one and then knit them right into the body of the hat the same as you would with big sequins.
i cast on at the bottom (60 sts on a set of size 1o double pointed needles) and knit up to the stem.
the hardest part was getting m. to model it for the pictures.
"mom, you've lost your mind."


ozjane said...

Cute but I think I would need one without the friends would all be saying "beam me up Scotty"...or similar remarks.
Loved that necklace also.
But I loved it as a bracelet too.
You are one of those multi talented ladies who lead me easily into envy.
Keep up your lovely creative work.

Steph said...

Wowwwwwww great and funny hat !

Cindy Ericsson said...

I don't think you've lost your mind, but found it instead! What a perfectly lovely idea!

susanna said...

Oh these have me grinning this morning! FUN! You have a wonderful imagination. :)