Saturday, October 25, 2008

gemmy goodness

a stand of cold wet sumac.
what could be more fun on a rainy saturday than going to a gem show?
lots of nubby black freshwater pearls, some sort of weird brownish pink moonstones, garnets, carnelian, gold, pear green & forest green freshwater pearls and (of course) some labradorite.

there are some pressing projects in my life. my painting studio is almost up and running after a complete teardown and move. the easels are up and working, boxes are being unpacked. stuff is coming in and going out of what was essentially our unused living room. i actually had the oils out and underpainted a canvas yesterday. more on that opera later.

also, i have been working on a completely new etsy store. i really want etsy to be a viable venue for me and so far it's been a near bust. so, with lots of input from some successful sellers i have come up with a new concept for a shop, more on that later too.


Steph said...

wowww ! There's a gem show here in two weeks ... still don't know if I'll go ... I know i'll be tempted!

Nancy Topolski delicately perched said...

Those swampy raku beads are gorgeous! I can't believe I missed the gem show, I had it on my calendar. Too many things to do in so little time. You however have been busy busy busy! I hope you got to go to Margaret's sewing thing too. I would really like to come next time. I want to quit my job and follow you around all the time. said...

Ohhh, love the mix of those pinkish moonstone and freshwater pearl!