Friday, February 05, 2010

The Ancients

I am fascinated with ancient Roman glass.

With a little fussing, and few unsuccessful tries, I worked up with a small set of beads that remind me of ancient glass.
They were etched, which gave them a velvety, time-worn look.

Here's how they looked before I etched them. I purposefully did not clean my glass rods before starting so that the beads would have lots of little scummy bubbles.
They have an inner barrel shaped core of Cim's Kryptonite. On top of that I added a rough cut shard of gold dichroic glass. Finally I encased them in freeform blobs and wraps of pale transparent colors - Aqua, Pink and Apple along with a lot of some particularly nasty scummy Vetrofond clear that I got stuck with.

The idea for these beads started with a desire to somehow use up this extra crappy clear. Waste not, want not. I knew the only way to use it would be etch any beads made out of it - to hide all its inclusions, scummy little bubbles and imperfections.
The encased bits of dichroic glass makes them seem to glow, and shimmer, from within.

The holes are oversized. I wound the beads on 1/8" mandrels so they could be strung on a leather.
They are available in my Belvedere etsy shop.

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WondrousStrange said...

Really do have an ancient look to them!