Thursday, February 11, 2010

Teaching the Beads

Last night was night two of beginning lampwork beads - which is all about decoration.
You know - spots, dots and bumps.
I love teaching the fun stuff.
We did some raking, trails and lots and lots of polka dots.
We made stringers then drew with them and then used them to twist whorls and wave patterns into the surface of the beads. A favorite technique of mine. Frit was a hit.
From simple, simple random dots to elaborate drawing with stringers - I showed them how to do it all. Their heads exploded with information.
Next week? Encasing and twisties.


Steph said...

I'm sure your students had fun, you must be an awesome teacher! Those beads look good to eat! ;)

Gardanne said...

That bird made with the stringer is quite impressive. I am stringer impaired.