Friday, February 12, 2010

Moth Wings & Tornados

A moody snapshot of a moth on my bedroom wall.
Moth on the wall - ain't doin' nothing' at all.
(yesterday's spontaneous blues lyric)

A great big long heart focal bead. Made with Cim's Khaki, light ivory and a black and raku twistie.
After decorating the end of the heart with the twistie I used the stump to make some spiral whorls in the top half of the heart. This so much fun, and simple, to do.
How To Make a Tornado in your Glass:

Once you have your bead all shaped just take it out of the heat and let it stiffen up a bit to a thick peanut butter consistency.

Next, quickly spot heat where you would like to make a little tornado of glass. Plunge in your stringer straight in and twist.

Once you have a nice little tornado stop twisting and gently wiggle the twistie from side to side, when it gets cool enough it will just snap off leaving a dot of glass inside the center of the spiral you just made.

The bigger and deeper you push in the stringer the bigger the spiral.

Just be sure to flash and reheat the whole bead back to an all over even heat before annealing, because all that spot heating causes a lot of internal stress in your bead. I left these twisted spots raised on my bead, for a sort of knot-hole effect. Of course, you can melt them down flat.

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