Friday, February 26, 2010

Cuckoo for Raku

I am deep in the throes of a bead crush.
These double sided raku wings came from Dorcas at Wondrous Strange.
Yes, again with the ceramic beads from her, like I said, I am mad for them.

I want to make a charm bracelet with the wings and have started to make some beads to mimic the rich lustrous. metallic glaze her beads have.
These little glass pods have a base of topaz (at the bottom) and pale aqua (top end). Over the base I added thick bands of Double Helix Aurae and Gaia. Then I raked the beads into pod shapes and heavily reduced the silver glass. Viola! It's a pretty good glass take on raku pottery.
After the pods I also made a few rounds, always useful when making a bracelet.
I think some dark oil-slick peacock baroque pearls and maybe some labradorite and I have the makings of a real piece of treasure.


WondrousStrange said...

Your beads are gorgeous...your lampwork looks like it came from the same raku firing as the wings:) Can't wait to see how you combine the two in the bracelet!

Nancy Topolski delicately perched said...

This group of beads is amazing! Thanks for the great advice - I do believe the winter blahs have a huge effect on me. Hope to get into More Fire soon.