Sunday, December 14, 2008

mighty mittens of joy

what a long and delightful day. the little holiday show i did today was fun - i sold a fair bit and traded even more. phew - now some of my hardest shopping is done.

as promised, here they are -
the mittens.

this green wool pair have little felted nests on them.
the 'eggs' are vintage carved (shell?) buttons.

i love it when a plan comes together. all summer and fall i collected sad wool and cashmere sweaters at estate and garage sales. no sweater was too dirty, stained or moth eaten. i brought them all home and washed them in steamy hot water and then tossed them in to the dryer. what i ended up with were two big baskets of gorgeous felt.

these are a luscious coral cashmere with little birds needle felted onto them with a little free motion machine stitching on top of that.

the birdies are already sold and the nest mittens are up on etsy.
i will post pictures of the other ones tomorrow.


Connie Deming said...

I'm thrilled with the pink birdie mittens and can't wait to see my friend's face when she opens them. Thank you for your labors of love!

Steph said...

Lucinda, they are awsome ! wowww!

Elizabeth said...

I know I should oooooh and aaaaah over your creations, and you know that I do, at every opportunity, but what I love, not surprisingly, about this blog is the writing, which is witty, self-deprecating, informative and quirky. You are the best of so many world, dear.