Saturday, December 13, 2008

kittens & cabbages

i have a little show tomorrow -
so i made some new merchandise tags this evening.
this one is for all the mittens i made today.
it is 2" wide and 3" tall, big enough to really see and enjoy the vintage kitten illustration. i am in love with making mittens and can't wait to show them off.

q: is making fancy tags worth the time?
a: yes, they absolutely increase sales.

this little tag is smaller than a business card. it is something i like to have on my selling table so that i can give people my blog address.
why a cabbage?
because if i were a vegetable i would be a cabbage.

p/s i downloaded these wonderful free clip are images from clip art etc. then hand colored them in photoshop and added the text in corel draw.


ozjane said...

Love the kitten mittens and am in awe of being part of your journey into fabric....
I so envy your artistic talents and adore your glass work so am so looking forward to the promised pictures.

Steph said...

LOve the tags ! Thanks for sharing the link!

jlle said...

I don't have photoshop and tried using Paint. Ity didn't work. Maybe there's a trick? maybe I just could not figure it out? The mittens are really something. But, oh, those hats...