Wednesday, December 31, 2008

chocolate & bourbon

do you ravenously read orangette?
i do -
when i saw this recipe for 'winter warmth' i knew it was inevitable that i was going to bake it.

it's was a chocolate bourbon bundt cake.
(chocolate and bourbon are my two favorite foods)
there's a wee bit left and it's about to be my breakfast.

i took the whole cake to a lovely dinner party last night. some of the diners were almost worshipful, almost everyone had two pieces. so, if i took it to a party why is there some at my house this morning? i told the hostess i needed a leftover piece for research - to taste if it was indeed better on the second day as orangette promised. pretty smooth, eh?

want even more chocolaty goodness?

the carolina chocolate drops - memphis shakedown
amazing! they are my jug band obsessed, indie record store owning, husband's new favorite band.


Andrew Thornton said...

Good thinking. I must try this one out. Sounds like it's right up my alley!

Happy New Year!

lotusgreen said...

happy new year!