Wednesday, July 16, 2008

! milkweed !

i am at it with the milkweed again.
here we see a fat, overly decorative monarch caterpillar.
(again with the milkweed, does she think we find this entertaining?)
and a japanese beetle.

the plants are next to the driveway, and when i get in and out of my car i keep seeing new critters who have taken up residence. milkweed is native to upstate new york which is probably why it's a bug paradise.


Nancy Topolski delicately perched said...

Lucinda, I am forever arguing with the milkweed in my garden. I just cannot get it to stay away, but now you have opened my eyes to what a beauty it could be and what friends it will bring to my other plants. So I will let the few stalks that refuse to vacate and allow them to continue to grow and soon see the beauty of milkweed for myself!

belvedere beads said...

you would be wise not to emulate my gardening - i am the worst gardener in history. i loathe mulch, never weed and bring home stray plants from ditches and garbage piles. i adore dandelions and clover, the neighbors are always begging me to use weed killers on the grass. i won't water the lawn and have let the lambs ear and oregano take over large swaths of the front yard. sigh.

viva la milkweed said...

I love the pictures and your description of your gardening lifestyle!