Wednesday, July 02, 2008

goldstone nuggets

a little three bead set.
each bead has a dark ivory core that was rolled in little bits of fine silver foil, goldstone & raku frit, then encased with clear and a little bit of straw yellow.
i wanted very irregular beads.

so, while wrapping on the molten glass they were left sort of lumpy. when the time came to flatten them i mashed them without a press.
they almost look like they are wrapped in water droplets.

i am not too interested in making perfectly shaped beads, i am looking for something more organic. they should look more mined, than made - does that make any sense?
mushy, gooey treasure.
the plan is to make a necklace with them just by adding lots of fresh water pearls.

pearls are now possible because i found the missing gems stash from my studio move, what a relief.
tearing down my studio, moving it and now trying to rebuild everything in my new space is much more of an ordeal than i ever expected. i do not have the admirable ability to work in chaos or to fly by the seat of my pants - for me to create everything needs to be tidy and serene.


Karolen said...

I love the funky shapes of your organic beads. They do look mined! They'll look great with the pearls. And happy belated birthday! Those cupcakes look sooo goood!!!

Gillian said...

These should be edible. They're like honey and golden syrup and treacle and demarerra sugar all combined. I love that they're irregular shapes. We can buy perfect beads anywhere. These are art and very special. x

ozjane said...

This set is lovely. Are they going to be on sale?