Sunday, January 06, 2008

seed pods

messin' around with sculpey while watching the pro football wildcard games last night.
i can't just watch tv, i have to be doing something more.
the raw polymer clay was dabbed with metallic powder before baking them.
pretty happy with the forms, but maybe i will sand some of the glitz off them.
i got a little carried away.
sanding beads - that sounds like a job for my new christmas dremel. what a great gift. the tool came with about a hundred wacky attachments.
seed pods would be great integrated into my jewelry - but they are so hard to do in glass.
i wonder if i could encase real seed pods in resin and then drill holes in them?
has anyone out there done it, or seen resin encased pods?

or, maybe i could make the shapes out of sculpey and paint them?
can you paint on polymer clay with oil paints?

i need a sculpey guru/mentor.

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