Saturday, January 12, 2008

public market #2 - merzbau

as i wrote last saturday - every saturday we go to the rochester public market. it is always a visual tune up and there should be pictures every weekend.

as the vendors sell their cases of fruit & veg the boxes are just tossed aside.
the wild heaps of cardboard always make me think of the dada collage artist kurt schwitters and his merzbau. ok, you want to argue that kurt schwitters was not a part of the dada movement - fair enough - i do not claim to be an art historian. but you cannot argue that the man was a great lover of a pile of cardboard boxes. his life's work was to create the perfect heap (installation) of boxes - the merzbau.
kurt schwitters - merz picture 32a (cherry picture collage)

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vanessa said...

That's great, to see your market collage image. I love the way you have transposed the painting/collage into real life, I do like to see other ways of looking at the world, through other people's eyes.