Tuesday, January 08, 2008

red blossom earrings

"the artist is the confidant of nature, flowers carry on dialogues with him through the graceful bending of their stems and the harmoniously tinted nuances of their blossoms, every flower has a cordial word which nature directs towards him." - auguste rodin

these are just for me.
i made them last november along with all the other holiday sale earrings - they were my favorite pair from the whole mess.
i promptly lost one of them in my car - without ever having worn them. yesterday miss mango found it where it slipped down into the passenger seat - she's my hero.
the glass beads were made with a round core of uranium yellow and transparent striking red petals. the green freshwater stick pearls are so wonderfully lumpy and organic and the little faceted beads on each end are garnets.


lotusgreen said...

i want to see them on you!

Webgrrl74 said...

Oooh...these are lovely! Great job!