Saturday, January 05, 2008

public market #1 - grayscapes

here in upstate new york it is the season of perpetual twilight.
the clouds are so thick, and so gray, that no one can cast a shadow - ever.

we are the mole people.
this is a skyscape photograph i took at noon.
yes, this is as bright as it gets here in january and february.
it's really grim.
a mysterious doorway behind the rochester public market.

while waiting for my ride i set down my big bags of citrus fruit in the market's back parking lot and dug my camera out of my purse. i took these quick snapshots and then picked up some primo bits of rusty metal from the curb.
my lucky number.

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kecia said...

hey! i am the shore in NJ - we got an hour of sun and now "poof" it's gone and gray again! like the idea of photographing your favorite #! mine is #4!