Monday, August 11, 2008

painting charms

my first tiny charms accomplished.
is was a fun & frustrating afternoon,
but future charms should be less traumatic.
they'll be easier because i figured out soldering irons and learned about something very important called tinning. all you master solderers out there can snort if you want.
my soldering iron came from a household sale. i love used stuff, but soldering iron may be one of those things (like mattresses) that are just better new.
i put a black patina on this last one, and am not sure about it...
at first i hated it, but now i think i love it.

any way, here is the book that i used, simple soldered jewelry & accessories by lisa bluhm.
excellent instructions, with lots of pictures, just what you need if you want to make some these little treasures.


Cynthia Thornton said...

This is what you call super dang cute! Love these!

ozjane said...

You always seem to manage to leave me gob smacked, both by your ability and what you manage to achieve.
And doing it from a book as well!!!
I might have gained a Masters from books but when it comes to crafts give me someone to monkee show, monkee do.
Keep up the great work