Wednesday, August 13, 2008

nest necklace

i want to share pictures of one of the new necklaces i made - but i shot the pictures early, early this morning and they are about as sharp as i was at the time i took them.

the necklace has already been delivered to the gallery shop so there is no chance of re-photographing it. yes, i should have checked the pics before dashing off to sell the thing...

nevertheless, here are some bad photos.
i should be jailed for blurry and hideous foreshortening.

the charm and its dangling bits.

a close-up the hand painted nest charm.

the sterling chain and one of the three pearl segments.
the necklace is quite long, my daughter said it reminded her of a rosary.

and finally the flame workd glass berry bauble at the end, made with my favorite opalino carnelian italian glass and gold leaf.

1 comment:

Gillian said...

Beautiful work. It reminds me of Autumn and acorns.
I also love the shallow depth of focus on that 1st shot. It's intiguing and very effective so go with it! LOL.