Thursday, August 13, 2009


For many years I worked a corporate job making a lot of Photoshop graphics and running a crew of computer artists making even more Photoshop graphics. No really, I wore pantyhose everyday to work and usually a suit. It sucked, when I left I rarely looked back.

Today I busted out my old skills and made a party invitation.
I must say I am rather pleased with my handiwork.
Marrying the can to the nipple and then stroking all the shadows and highlights was a trip down memory lane, so writing and laying out the copy.

And I am pleased to be hostessing this party.
Dick is going to smoke turkeys and maybe even tap a keg of cream ale. I think I am going to make a lot of deviled eggs and cupcakes. All the store kids & staff will be there and the usual cast of reprobate friends.

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