Friday, August 14, 2009

Antique Weed

I put loaded a bunch of treasures into my etsy shop today.
A giant old skeleton key, some cigarette cases, a double strand of glass baroque pearls that someone should take apart and make into some wonderful jewelry and two pairs of big gaudy clip on rhinestone earrings.

And best of all this...
An Art Nouveau Marijuana leaf brooch.
Yes, they smoked weed over 100 years ago and apparently even wore jewelry that depicted it. This brooch is a ruin, but it is of exceptionally fine quality. The blue around the edges is probably smoke trails.


Nancy Topolski delicately perched said...

I see that smokin' pin sold right away! Congrats. See you Tuesday.

ozjane said...

oh bummer.....I had just selected three owl thingies from your etsy shop and then they said no ship to Australia.
Me crying.......sobs.

lotusgreen said...

apparently i am running late on this planet :^(

i suppose you sold the little flowered pin on the far right....?