Sunday, August 23, 2009


A bouquet of sunflowers and basil on my dining room table.

Whirling in my kitchen like a dervish.
There is going to be a really big picnic at my house today - it's a dish to pass but that's not stopping me from going on a late summer cooking spree.

The centerpiece of the meal will be one of Dick's smoked turkeys done on the Weber grill. The big bird is happily soaking up a whiskey brine right now. He's also going to grill up a huge pile of hot Italian sausage links and some breakfast sausages. He loves to do the wee sausages, he refers to them as "sausage shooters."

I am making a red and yellow tomato salad with oranges and pickled red onions.
Two kinds of fresh salsa - first a red tomato, roasted corn, black bean and cilantro salsa with lots of jalapenos and a fresh peach and yellow tomato one. Maybe a white bean hummus. Of course there will be corn on the cob.

Oh, I almost forgot I whipped up some fresh dill pickles. Everyone needs to eat more pickles - people seem to have forgotten them. When I serve them guests go nuts - like they're something exotic?

And for my finale - fresh black fig gelato. I busted out my big Silmac icecream freezer, one of my all time great junking finds - only $30.00. I made a gallon of the stuff. The custard base is all figgy and brown sugar and vanilla - I am an icecream goddess today.


Steph said...

I'm hungry now ! Do you have any leftovers? ;)

belvedere beads said...

Yes, leftovers aplenty, except for turkey which was gnawed to the bone and every drop of the fig gelato was eaten. I don't know who - but someone even licked out the freezer container it was stored in.

rosebud101 said...

Wow! What a meal! I'm on my way! lol