Friday, November 09, 2007


hey - that was my 250th post.

to celebrate i have given this old blog a little face lift and have started labeling all 250 posts.
i have the 125 most recent done and am working my way back to my first baby blog posting.

if you look in the right hand column you will see a section labeled 'party favors' - these are my post catagories. i certainly wish i had done this from the start but it's pretty cool to see all my blathering sorted by content.

those of you who know me fear my need to sort things.
am i a bit ocd? yes, and i have had the meds to prove it.

miss margaret is going to blow in to town tonight for an hour or so - she's coming with a carload of her alfred university friends to pick up another friend - we're going to take them all to dinner at john's tex mex eatery in the s'wedge (yum).

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here's my art student in her halloween zombie makeup.

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