Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crows Again

I intend to teach myself to work in a more sculptural way with the torch.
This week a cooked up another batch of crow focal beads - this time after more sketching and thinking. Who wants to admit that they lay awake in bed and ponder lamp working techniques before nodding off?
This one has got the twisted shape of a big, ornery crow. It is almost 2 inches from beak to tail feathers. Same as before it is plain old Effetre black with swathes of Double Helix Triton and Psyche that have been heavily reduced.

I have listed a couple of them in my Belvedere etsy shop. (sold)


Barbara Lewis said...

Love these! I watch the crows come to my bird feeders and scare off every other bird ... except the blue jay ... who can be just an ornery! These will look great in a necklace.

WondrousStrange said...

They are mine...all mine! :) Snatched from your Etsy shop...So lovely, can't wait to hold them in my hand and conjure up some marvelous creation with them!!

Gardanne said...

These are wonderful they look like your paintings.

one-eared pig said...

love them! I love doing sculptural work!

Christine said...

I'll admit it....I lay awake and work out how to make the glass do what I want in the flame.

Sculptural work is so much fun! I love these crows!