Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MaMa's Got a Squeeze Box

It was oddly romantic - we swapped Hohners Christmas morning.
That thing wedged in his mouth it's called a "Trumpet Call" harmonica - an overly fancy instrument with five brass horns attached to the harmonica body. He's been wanting one since, oh, the minute he saw his first one.
You know you've been married a long, long time when you give each other (without any planning or hinting) matching Christmas gifts.
That's me with my new Hohner Concertina. The object of my secret desire for years and years. I adore musette and tango, but I am not at all musical so this ought to be quite the wild ride. So far the dogs seem to find my playing fascinating rather than painful. A good sign.
Isn't it lovely?


one-eared pig said...

what a wonderful Christmas!

Barbara Lewis said...

You obviously are made for one another! lol Thanks for sharing your Merry Christmas with us!

rosebud101 said...

Now that is great! You seem to be soulmates!