Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let it Snow - Somewhere Else

'O the weather outside is frightful...'
We drove to pick up my daughter from college yesterday, a trip into the heart of central New York state. It was nice enough here, in Rochester, when we left. I called her and she said it was fine in Alfred - who knew that for miles in between it was literally a blizzard?

It was a nightmare, some of the worst driving I have ever managed. We're talking upside down tractor trailers in the median bad driving. A pitch black night, squalls & drifting snow - a real white knuckle experience. Miss Margaret took this photo from the backseat at some point. Dansville, maybe? Frankly, we were all scared and are feeling very lucky that we got home (eventually) in one piece.

I hate winter.


Steph said...

Somewhere else but not where I live!
Glad you made it safe!

Angela said...

We don't get so much snow here, and I really don't enjoy driving in it. It must look beautiful now though.

rosebud101 said...

That had to be a scarry ride! OMG! I'm glad you're safe!!!!