Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End

Standing here on the edge of another old year I feel vaguely sentimental. Nevertheless, I am ready to dip my toes into the warm promise of 2010, the next 365 days of mystery.

I've put a bottle of swank pink champagne into the fridge and am waiting for the clock to tell me it's time to pop that cork. I love opening Champagne - there are few things that are as much fun, eh?

We ought to do this or that, and we ought to go partying here and there tonight, but I am feeling cold. A snuggle of warm blankets and a pile of even warmer little black poodles are luring me to stay at home this New Years Eve and be a party poop. Maybe just a couple of sparklers in the front yard is all I need to say goodbye, and goodnight, to 2009.
Have fun tonight - whether it be loud or quiet, solo or with a monstrous mob. Be happy, be well and be good to yourself.

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rosebud101 said...

Happy New Year to you!