Saturday, January 17, 2009

quilting roses & birds

this is one of my secret christmas present crafting projects.
i waited to blog about it because i didn't finish it until today.
i made my daughter, miss margaret, a quilt.
the top and the back were finished by christmas morning.
since it was my first quilt i had no idea how long it took to complete one.

finishing it today was a perfect winter's afternoon project. i watched the obama inauguration train on tv while figuring out how to put the binding on.
quilt front

it's no wonder that quilts are heirlooms.
having said that - i cannot wait to start a second one. this time i will have a better idea how long it takes and i will not have a deadline looming -a quilt is definitely not something that you just whip up.

quilt back
it is made almost completely from vintage fabrics found at estate sales and second hand shops. i did have to go to a store to buy the (bamboo) batting, some cool multi-color thread and the binding fabric - but other than that it is a true scrap quilt.

she's very happy it's done in time for her to take it back to college.
i want to mention that this quilt would not have been possible with out my friend margaret spevak. she's a quilt teacher extraordinaire. check out her website: quilting with margaret and her new class schedule.


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ozjane said...

I am honered to contribute to your yen to quilt......and your have done it.
Yes it is fabulous and love the sashing with those fabrics. You have the eye for color so I see some more fantastic quilts coming up.