Friday, January 02, 2009

ice ice baby

baby, it's cold outside.
this is what has formed inside our storm windows, it's that cold.

i had a long, hot torch session yesterday.

3 hours devoted to all kinds of free form vamping & stream of consciousness beading - trying out some oddball reduction frits and new glass colors. my new favorite color - a rod of cosmic storm (lucinda storms, get it?) was a clever gift from a co-beader who thought i needed to try a glass with my name on it- thanks donna. best of all, i made another bird cocktail ring.

so, what comes out of the kiln should be interesting.
but, it's cold here and i am not going to go across town to get my beads until later.
what a pussy.

1 comment:

one-eared pig said...

Oh my, that makes me shiver just looking at it.