Monday, January 19, 2009

a grim haul

when we reached alfred university yesterday afternoon the campus roads had not been recently plowed or salted. this meant that we (and everyone else) could not get our car up the hills to the dorms.
so... we carried her metric ass ton of clean laundry, books, records and record player, one guitar and one theremin, a bag of shoes, personal grooming products, a big old camera bag, three pillows, a box of dishes, a drawing board, her new bed quilt and various teenage artist sundries up these three flights of outdoor stairs AND then two more flights inside her dorm.

it was the acme of suck.

p.s. my photo is not underexposed, this is a light as it gets these days, it's a perpetual state of frozen winter gray.

1 comment:

ozjane said...

Oh what good and noble parents you are.
Maybe I will just enjoy the air conditioning and not grumble about the heat. Although I suspect my garden may well expire next week.