Thursday, January 08, 2009

imagining love birds

my plan for today's torch time was to make hearts.

i sketched out a juicy red heart with little periwinkle birds perched on the lobes.
i did make this heart - but i added some swirly white frit to the red - probably a mistake, but we will see. i made some other ones too. for some reason i am excited about valentine's day this year. usually it is not one of my favorite holidays, despite the promise of chocolate. i think, i just want an excuse to make hearts because lately they're my favorite bead shape to mess with.

i got this fortune with my chinese food tonight.
what a stupid fortune. personally - screw the bread, i would much rather wait and have cake tomorrow. especially if it's a nice slice of chocolate cake.


Gillian said...

What lovely things you've been creating whilst my back was turned. Can't wait to see the heart beads.
I'm loving the spottedness of the mittens and mushroom pictures, but my absolute favourite has to be the little spotty bead - it's a ladybug!

ozjane said...

dunno...a yummy fresh baguette is hard to beat..... mouth is watering.