Wednesday, May 07, 2008

macro cockoo

yesterday i saw the most luscious candied satin macro photographs of tulips.
please, look at them here on "the fading rose."

they were so delightful that i had to be a copycat and trot my macro lens out into the tulip bed today.

what is that fuzzy hair on the tip of the bud? mysterious stuff nature.
i hope that the author of that blog does not mind me being so inspired by her.
hers are so much more beautiful.

i need to remember to plant some parrot tulip bulbs in the fall.


Steph said...

I prefer your macro ... there is more mystery in them! Oh and love the magnolia drawing!

vanessa said...

Your photographs are just as beautiful.......... I like their simplicity, and the colours........... just lovely.

Gillian said...

Wow - thank you for such a lovely compliment.
Your images are intriguing- especially the hairy tips. I've never seen that before. Macro lenses really open up the world don't they!
Hugs. x