Monday, May 19, 2008

charity birds

i am participating in a fund raising event for my local art space.

it's called 6x6x2008, the rochester contemporary is going to sell 2008 6" x 6" works of art for $20.00 each.

it feels like i am off to a good start - i want to complete 9 and the first 4 are well on their way.
they are the first paintings i have done since moving out of my old studio months ago. it's still very unsettled and i am unhappy with my work space, but it felt wonderful to paint again.

these small paintings are acrylic paint on paper, each is a from a series of drawings and paintings which mess around with shapes and images from audubon's birds of north america.

#281 - slate-colored junco

#273 - purple finch

#271 - painted bunting

#266 - two grosbeaks
* the number in each title refers to the reference # of the audubon print.


jane said...

It not only felt wonderful for you to paint looks wonderful to us.
I am so so envious of anyone who has drawing/painting skills.
But I can enjoy the results.
Thanks for your visit.

Gillian said...

These are amazing. I love the broken colour of the backgrounds. It really adds depth and texture. A great idea for a charity fund-raiser.