Tuesday, March 06, 2007

mad as a hatter

who doesn't love hats?

checkout out this blog called Ulla Benulla - Millinery Inspriation which is devoted to wonderful, fanciful artful hats.

take a look down at this weirdness. it's an old snapshot that was found at an estate sale. definately not sure why i am including it is this blog entry - but it feels like it belongs and i couldn't wait to share it. some party, eh?

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and finally, another hat, this one from crochet goddess anna voog.

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it's so cold here the kids didn't have school today. not a snow day - a cold day. that's why the blog about hats - gotta wear a hat today, it's a health & safely issue.

you can leave your hat on - tom jones version

i torched yesterday - so new beads pics very soon. it felt great, it had been a couple weeks since i had gotten a good fix.

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