Monday, October 26, 2009


Almost everything I make is inspired by nature.
I never met a seed pod that I did not want to recreate using either paint, pencil or glass.

So, when I saw the cover of this coffee table book called "Pollen" I was sunk. I trolled around ebay for weeks until a reasonably priced copy came up for sale and I scored it. Scored is the perfect word to describe my shopping behavior with this book. I was consumed with want in the days that preceeded it's purchase.
When it finally arrived in the mail I was not disappointed.
Page after big glossy page of spores that look like beads.

After absorbing it for a day or two I started to sketch out some bead ideas.
You know, you really should keep a bead sketchbook.
Keeping track of your ideas, color recipes, triumphs and failures is very useful.

My first pollen beads.
They're a completely new shape for me.
They start with a round bead. By spot heating and raking both sides of the round base bead they are pulled into an elongated 'pollen grain' shape.
The base glasses were Opalino Carnelian, Light Gray and Cim's Plum. Before starting to shape each bead I added a band of Double Helix Aurae around their middles. They were reduced after shaping.

I am so pleased with these beads. The plan is to make several dozen more and then string them into a strand - sort of like pearls - but pollen.


artemissne said...

They are gorgeous, Lucinda! And opalino carnelian & CiM plum are some of my current favorites too...Lovely color combination!

And those pollen photos are inspiring indeed...I may have to look up that book too! :-D Here's where I turn to for microscopic eye-candy: -a forum of macro/microscopic photographers. It's in french, but the icons point the way to the pictures. Have fun, and keep creating these beauties!


Steph said...

Wowww Lucinda, you always think outside the box, I love that!
The book look very interesting! Love the new beads and can't wait to see more pollen beads!

Chelsea said...

Ohmigosh! Those are incredible. You could sell them. Easily. I just want to *eat* them. That's how you know they're good.