Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's such a small bead for such a big picture.
This seed pod has a base bead of transparent gray with applied petals of dark silver plum.

Instruction page from my bead sketchbook for making midnight seeds:
1. mash and pull dark silver plum petals
2. make a clear (or transparent pale gray) core bead
3. add a band of dark silver plum to the bottom of your bead.
4. apply the petals to the dark silver plum end of the bead, heat and shape.

Queen Anne's Lace - another weed that's too beautiful not to cultivate, I wouldn't dream of pulling one out of my garden.


rosebud101 said...

Very nice!

ozjane said...

A WEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you only knew how hard it was to get them to grow from seed or seedlings since the darn drought
I used to love them and borage and a bluebell/whitebell thing that sort of came up like a weed but now the only things coming up like weeds are a sort of bush orchid.
Really need new camera to do them justice........
or do a need a front fence now I have a footpath........
we may not stretch to both.....what is it with the "we" Moggie contribues naught but hairs to the quilts she lies on. There was enough to spin today.
Envious Australian who has had rain this week and still begs for more.