Saturday, July 18, 2009

Carnival Prize

Carnival Heart winged bead.
I am not a big fan of actually going to carnivals. I love the idea of a traveling party with spinning rides, corn dogs, freaks and impossible games, but I hate being in crowds. So carnivals, and their side shows, are more of a romantic notion that a real destination for me.
The bead is big, almost 2" long.
It is an end of the day bead. An end of the day bead is the last bead which is made out of all the shortie rods, leftover frit, stray bits of stringers and popped off bits of glass that are laying about beneath your torch. Some people actually sweep it all up and throw it away (gasp) - I always make a heart as the last bead of each session with all my bits of glass crap. Waste not, want not.

1 comment:

Steph said...

what a great way to finish the day! Not a big fan of carnivals either for the very same reason( I still wonder how I ended to go to some big concerts when I was younger!)