Sunday, July 05, 2009

Gauguin Beads

Back to beads.

Far and away one of my favorite painters is Gauguin.
His painting 'Vahine no te vi,' or woman with a mango, is the inspiration for some new beads.
I saw the painting a couple of summers ago in Boston and it completely overwhelmed me. To say it is strikingly beautiful just seems weak - I would need to be a lot more skilled with words to even begin to adequately describe it.
The candy corn shaped beads are two different oranges with large size raku frit, the mango is transparent striking orange and the lentils are transparent cobalt with pressed droplets of white. These are a first go at it - a little tweaking and I think it will work.
The plan is to make enough for a necklace.


lotusgreen said...

won-der-ous. honestly dreamy.

i used to go for physical therapy at this pool, and the therapist always had an assistant there to, like, keep track of who came (for billing insurance, stuff like that).

one woman who came often looked exactly like her, in the painting. i asked her if she was familiar with gauguin and she wasn't so i brought her one of my books to see herself as great art.

rosebud101 said...

That looks like a wonderful painting and the beads will make a fantastic necklace.